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Product Catalog


Product Name Product Usages Main Points
Facility of water-supplyFacility of glass
Sealant for installing window glass/pool/wash basin/bathtub/shower bath pool and repairing joints of pipeline. Excellent water resistance. Not paintable. Anti-rust material. Notice the contamination to the near part. Pouch film packages were released for reducing wastage.
Distribution boxMirror
Sealant for window frames,tiles and the missing parts of reinforced concrete and tile joint. Paintable. Mildew-proof material. Its waterproofness is second to silicone. Pouch film packages were released for reducing wastage. 10ml more for the flexible packages.
Window framesJoints of the protection board
Sealant for filling the cracks in Prefabricated building(Fire prevention board series in ceramic industry、ALC board、PC board). More than 50 colors are available, so brushwork are not required. We also supply Flexible Package for reducing wastage. 10ml more for the flexible packages. Colors of Pouch film packages are rationed.
SHARPIE HENSEI(paintable) Sealant for bed joint, which used before painting the wall. The fastest setting rate in the industry. Non-shrink. Our company provides rich painting data.
SHARPIE URETHANE PRO Sealant for joints of prefabricated slab, frames and surface. High resilience, good cold-resistance. However, its UV-resistance is next to silicone adhesive and modified silicone adhesive.
SHARPIE PAINT URETHANE Sealant for bed joint, which used before re-painting the wall,also it can be used for filling the cracks. Very small shrinkage.


Interior finish joints Exterior finish joints

Joint sealant for ALC board/PC board, and Cracks of Pillar and Walls, which used before re-painting. Water-based sealant. If this kind of sealant dirty your hands, you can wash it away before it sets. Poor water resistance.
Safety and reliability. Quick-drying, short waiting time.
SHARPIE YUSEI P Sealant used for filling and repairing the cracks and chinks. The product can be used in general construction. The part not exposure to air can not cure. Rust prevention.
SHARPIE BUTYL B Used for the joints of building board, the end of the water prevention board, the connecting part of the container, and the folded part of the thin metal plate. Low moisture permeability and gas permeability. Soluble organic solvents (Thinner, for example). Volume loss exists.
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Waterproof Material

Product name Product usage Main points
SHARPIE BISOCOAT Waterproof for roof / veranda / wall, etc. Belong to water-soluble material Type I. Safe operational. Please prevent water from it until it become dry. Not suitable for pool or sink.
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Product Name Product Name Main points
SHARPIE DANSEI BOND MS plus Elastic adhesive for stainless steel, stone and ceramic tile(decorated board, plasterboard) Belong to water-soluble material Type 1. It can be used manually. Solvent free. Formalin free. Absorb pressure caused by shock and vibration, and prevent rupture. High-strength epoxy series(High performance products)
POLYCARBONATE SEALANT Used in adhesion and sealing of polycarbonate. Good adhesion to unplasticised PVC, (ABS, Acrylic resin, Hard UPVC, etc) Methanol-curing model. Applied to plastic material, solvent cracking never occurs. First use of Semi-transparent color in the domestic. The adhesive belong to low modulus (LM) and can adhere to material very closely.
SHARPIE ROOF FIX Joints seal and fixing roof tiles. Good adhesion without primer. Excellent UV stability. Using before the typhoon and earthquake can bring evident effect.
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Product name Product usage Main points
SHARPIE BATHSEAL Used for repairing the joints and cracks of basins/ dressers/ bathtubs/ showers/ kitchens. Silicone filler for DIY. Use anti-mildew agent together for better effect. It can be used manually (without caulking applicator).
EXTERIOR CAULKING Used for repairing the cracks of the exterior and mending the joints of the protection board after applying primer. Modified Silicone filler for DIY. The pouch film package can be used manually, applicator is not necessary.
METAL CAULK Sealant joints of colorful sheet iron and decorated board. Seal the interface of screws, nails and folding board. Caulk for the pipelines of air conditioner.
Used in the installing part of different pipelines (air conditioner pipelines, heat-break pipelines, etc)
Made of rubber. High elastic. Smoking or lighting fires strictly forbidden. This product is being used by the Homeland Transport Department.
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Related tools

Product name Product usage Main points
Nylon Gun Cartridge Weight in light, however durable and tough. Attach anti-sag equipment.
Skeleton gun Cartridge Made of steel. Durable and tough. For professionals.
Pouch film package gun(For professionals) Pouch film package Transparent tube, internal operation is clearly visible. Durable and tough. One year warranty.
Pouch film package gun(Low-energy-waste) Pouch film package Products of high quality and good price performance.
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