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Many customers have been asking about the methods of construction.
Sharp Chemical is pleased to present some DIY methods of construction which are commonly asked. Hope the instructions will help more DIY customers.


Here to introduce the basic construction methods in basin.
Developed by our company, "SHARPIE BATHSEAL" is a very practical product. For more details, please see the page of Facility of water-supply (toilet/bathroom/kitchen)

Construction methods of Pouch film package series

Our company developed a new product--Pouch film package. By comparison with cartridge, the Pouch film package only produces one out of ten wastages and consumption of resources. Here to introduce the construction methods.

Construction methods of sealant

There are a lot of matters needing attention.
Professional construction methods can not only beautify the place under construction, but also provide good protection. Here to introduce the professional construction procedures.
Our company also introduces skillful constructors to customers.
Details Welcome your inquiries

Emergency measures after earthquake

SHARP CHEMICAL presents some practical information grounded upon the experience of coping with the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
The introduction cannot involve all the condition, so it is just for reference only.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Through mail you can have further

Preserving instructions for sealant

Different from adhesive, the containers of sealant cannot provide good preservation for sealant. However,we can provide several methods to store sealant for a long time.

Construction methods of waterproof material.

The project of waterproof construction is usually large-scale and difficult. Except for the waterproof project of basin and bathroom,DIY lovers can still enjoy the challenge. This kind of project can also be completed if only you are willing to devote more effort to the adjustment of the bottom layer.


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