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Related tools

Sealant, Adhesive, Waterproof material

Filler gun

Our company is also the agent of the first-class glue gun manufactory PC COX LTD.


Nylon Gun Made in Britain

Nylon Gun for sealing
Usage: For cartridge

It is made of high quality glass fiber strength nylon. It is light in weight but durable and tough. The use time is several times longer than reproduction. It is also suitable for professionals.

Attach anti-sag equipment.

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Skeleton gun made in Britain

Skeleton filler gun
Usage: For cartridge and for professionals

Made of steel,firm and tough. Easy and convenient operation. Holding power reach 170kg!

International trend, necessary tools.

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Single Handed Clamp II  made in Britain

For cartridges エアーガン
Usages: For cartridge

It produces the lowest noise which meet the strict anti-noise regular in Europe.

The product quality make the manufacturer deserve to be called as "first class".

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Flexible pouch Made in Japan

Usage: For pouch film package
Features: Transparent tube, internal operation is clearly visible. Durable and tough. One year warranty. (except for consumptive components)
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Low-energy-waste gun for flexible pouch. Made in Taiwan

Usages: For pouch film package
Features: High quality and good price performance
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