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For Basin (mirror)・Tile・Building stone

Here to introduce some kinds of sealant/adhesive/waterproof material which are suitable for basin, tile, building stone, etc.
They will be introduced according to their usages.

Adhesive for tile/building stone

Nowadays, using tiles in exterior decoration while using building stones (marble, for example) are very popular and fashionable. However, these constructions will cause the tiles to peel off and crack. Two component epoxide resin is the common type. But because of the incorrect mix, the applied part of the thin marble tend to protrude.

To prevent these kinds of phenomenon, SHARPIE POLICASEAL is recommended for its not containing any plasticizers.

Adhesive for mirror above the basin

Installing mirror above the basin, SHARPIE HENSEI M is recommended. Special attention should be paid when using usual silicone, because they can pollute the mirror.

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