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Sealant・Adhesive・Waterproof material・Product classification information according to different usages

The products of SHARP CHEMICAL are widely used in different fields and achieve outstanding success.

According to the different usages of sealant, adhesive and waterproof material, introduce their information separately.
Please find the goods which meet your needs.
If you are not very familiar with working process, Instructions can help you.


According to the different sites, introduce you the suitable products.
Please find the goods which meet your needs.

Mirror・Tile・Building stone

Sealant and adhesive for mirror

Also introduce the products used to mend tile and fix stone.


Mortar and Missing part of reinforced concrete

According to the size of crack, introduce what kind of sealant should be chose.


Diversity of Container and Pipeline
Please choose the product according to the material of Containers and Pipelines.

Related tools

To improve the working efficiency, we have prepared the related tools for you. We will introduce you high-class tools which can ensure the excellent quality of your operations.

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