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Used in gate/aisle/steps

Sealant for household

Photo-luminescent sealant(Light-storing sealant)


Used for guiding direction when encounter power outage.

Used for saving power in the aisle/steps.

Used for directing the way to the safety exist and filling the joints.

Used for illuminating in the dark

Used for demonstration & display designs that require black light.


This product contains light-storing pigment which make the sealant can emit fluorescence as soon as the power goes our.

Package 330ml cartridge
  1. Simple construction
  2. The thick sealant can ensure the durability of lighting.
  3. If ground upon the durable sealant, the product can be used outsides.
  4. If use irregularly setting material, a variety of shape can be produced.
Household sealant・adhesive・waterproof material
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