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Sealant・Adhesive・Water proof material・Product classification information according to different usages

Introduce the sealant, adhesive and waterproof material that are convenient to the family DIY.
Classified introduction according to different usages

Facilities of water-supply (toilet/shower room/kitchen)

Sealant for facility of water-supply
For this kind of facility, SHARPIE HENSEI is recommended for its good resistance to water. However, HENSEI is easily to mildew, mould-proof products must be chose. Modified HENSEI can be used around the commode where not always immersed by water.


Photo-luminescent sealant for entrance/path/steps
Encountering sudden power outage, would you be nervous or scared?The photoluminescence from the sealant will relieve you and guide you the way. What's more,it can also save electric power changes for the users. New product lead totally new experience.







Window frames

Household sealant for windows frames
Before the operationThe window frames suffer the most serious leakage. The most necessary process is double treating by means of water proof tape. The other important parts are:
Ⅰ The choice of sealant
Ⅱ The design of joints

SHARPIE HENSEI LM and SHARPIE URETHANE are recommended. SILICONE SERIES are not suitable here.




Cracks on the exterior walls 

Household Adhesive for cracks on the exterior walls
The crack on the exterior wall resulted in housing leakage.SHARPIE YUSEI P is recommended here for its waterproof.。


Sun porch/rooftop

Household waterproof material for Sun porch and rooftop
Sun porchThe construction procedures vary greatly from construction to reconstruction. Before the reconstruction, the damaged part of waterproof layer and tile should be handled in advance.

Before the construction, please read the instructions first.




Glass edges

Household sealant for Glass edge
Silicone series are recommended for installing and repairing glass edges. Because without special treatment, other kinds of sealant will lost their adhesion under UV.

And if water trap be equipped,the design of exterior can be preserved for a long time.

Inner wall paper

Household sealant for Inner wall paper
The end of Inner wall paper should be processed with ACRYL sealant. The triangle location make the sealant peel off easily, so it need repairing usually. Because this construction is carried on indoors, only the products which don't produce formalin can be put to use. And SHARPPIE ACRYL A with zero formalin is the best choice.


Waterproof board and building board

Sealant joints for waterproof board and building board
SHARPIE BUTYL B with great waterproofness is strongly recommended to process the end of waterproof board and the joints of building board. The limitation is it will leave the mark, so not suitable for using on the surface.

Joints of the protection board

Household sealant for protection board
To ensure the longevity of the board, you'd better choose the thick protection board, and joints must have enough depth. Considering the seasonal changes, it is better to choose low modulus and durable products.

Adhesion and waterproof for Distribution box

Household sealant/adhesive for distribution box (electric wires & pipes)
Because Silicone series will bring pollution to the environment, now in the perimeter of electric wires and pipes, they are replaced by SHARPIE HENSEI.

We supply transparent HENSEI which do not influence the original color of the distribution box.

Roof tile

Household adhesion for roof tile
This product can prevent roof tiles from falling off when the typhoon and earthquake happen. It should be noticed that if all the roof tiles are fixed, the condition of air circulation and water flow will get worse. Tecnical PDF Please click here.

Joints of ALC board

Household sealant joints of ALC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) board
The construction procedures vary according to the difference of joints of ALC. SHARPIE Acryl A and SHARPIE URETHANE are the common choices.


Reinforced concreate/ Tile floor

Material for extra waterproof
After applying waterproofing material, extra waterproofing material must be further used to strengthen durability and slip resistance.


Household adhesive for Car shed
CarPolycarbonate is widely applied in car shed. The limitation is it liable to fracture. Specialized adhesive and sealant should be used instead of usual Silicone.




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