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Mortar/Missing part of reinforced concrete/Crack

Here to introduce some kinds of sealant/adhesive/waterproof material which are suitable for repairing mortar, missing part of reinforced concrete, etc.
They will be introduced according to their usages.

Adhesive for Mortar/Missing part of the concrete/Crack

If mortar is damaged by external force, the impairment can be repaired by EX-1(small-amount epoxy).This product belongs to two component series, so the people familiar with this product are recommended to use it. If the impairment is caused by earthquake or degeneration, then the overall professional investigation should be taken.

At the same time, the choices of material vary greatly according to different kinds of cracks. Slender cracks cannot be immersed by resin easily, so the special applicator should be used to fill resin in the cracks. To the bigger cracks, it is better to choose SHARPIE DANSEI BOND MS plus than sealant.”

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