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Emergency measures after earthquake

SHARP CHEMICAL presents some practical information grounded upon the experience of coping with the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
The introduction cannot involve all the condition, so it is just for reference only.
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Waterproof fabric

If the roof is damaged by earthquake, use waterproof fabrics to cover the roof for the time being. Sometimes the fabric folded together, some people chose to glue the joints of the fabrics. The obvious problem with such an approach is adhesive tape tend to peel off because of the rain.

We recommend SHARPIE BUTYL B which can prevent rainwater penetration through the chinks between the waterproof fabrics.

※About SHARPIE BUTYL B, please click Here for further information.

Crack filling

When repair the cracks on the walls (whether exterior walls or interior walls), silicone should not be used. It would cause the failure of painting and wallpapering in the future. We recommended using SHARPIE HENSEI Series/SHARPIE YUSEI Series/SHARPIE URETHANE Series/SHARPIE PROPYLENE Series.[※]. Because the PROPYLENE Series are shrinkable, the use limitation should be noticed.

The restoration project of structural columns and walls of the apartment should be charged with professional constructers.

※About SHARPIE HENSEI/URETHANE/PROPYLENE/YUSEI, please click here for further information.

Roof tile

In case of the earthquake and typhoon, the damaged roof tiles should be repaired without delay.

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